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Passport for Airdrops

Passport for Airdrops

Airdrops are pivotal for bootstrapping communities and rewarding early contributors. However, these rewards often attract Sybils and low-quality users who aren't interested in furthering your ecosystem's goals. When airdrops are manipulated, value is diverted away from genuine participants, which undermines the project's integrity and long-term objectives.

Passport addresses these challenges by offering a variety of different, customizable protection strategies. With Passport, you can implement a combination of verification tools and data services to identify and reward users who provide sustained value to your ecosystem. By ensuring that airdrops reach real, valuable contributors, Passport helps maintain the health and growth of your community.

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Example offering: Protect access with Passport's scores

Passport is best known for the Stamp-based humanity score, which users can build up by creating a Passport and verifying Stamps that represent activities that have a strong human signal, such as KYC, biometric, web2, and onchain activities.

The typical flow using the Stamp-based verification is as follows:

  1. You let your userbase know that Passport will be used as one of the criteria for the airdrop, and suggest that users go to the Passport app and build up a score over a certain threshold (opens in a new tab) to qualify for the airdrop.
  2. When you snapshot or open up a dynamic claim period, you will use the Passport API (opens in a new tab) to retrieve Passport scores to see who was able to build up a score above your specified threshold. If you opt for a dynamic claim period, you can encourage users who don't have a passing score to go to Passport to build up a score before coming back to reverify that they have a passing score.
  3. If any users aren't able to build up a score above your specified threshold, adjust their allocation accordingly.

There are different customization options that you can consider with the Stamp-based verification system:

  • Choose your own score threshold, or use multiple different thresholds as multipliers.
  • Assign your own weights to each Stamp to reflect your ecosystem's unique needs.
  • Create a custom Passport dashboard that uses your branding, messaging, and CTA.
  • Coming soon: Create your own allowlist Stamps that award points to addresses that you provide us.

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