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API reference

API Reference

The Model Based Detection API enables developers to retrieve the model-based detection scores that are based on Passport-grade supervised machine learning models, enabling you to score any EVM wallet address without requiring the users to create and build up a Passport score.

This API is currently in beta. If you need a production-ready API, please use the Stamp-based Passport API.

You can also experiment with the Model Based Detection API using our API playground tool (opens in a new tab) and adding your API keys via the 'Authorize' button.

Please note:

We have launched this endpoint using this base URL:

However, we intend to make this data available via a different base URL in the future, as we migrate away from Gitcoin’s infrastructure:

Rate Limits

TierRate limit
Tier 115 requests per 15 minutes, up to 1440 requests per day.
Tier 2350 requests per 15 minutes, up to 33600 requests per day.
Tier 32000 requests per 15 minutes, up to 192000 requests per day.

These rate limits are completely separate from the existing Passport API rate limits.

Retrieve Model Based Detection scores

  • Endpoint: GET /passport/analysis/{address}
  • Base URL:
  • Authentication: API Key – Can be the same API Key that is used with the other Passport API endpoints Parameters:
  • Path parameter: address – Path parameter – Required – Single user address
  • Example request:
curl --request GET \
    --url '{address}' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --header 'X-API-KEY: {API KEY}'

Example response:

    "address": "string",
    "details": {
        "models": {
            "ethereum_activity": {
                "score": 50