Active Integrations

Active Passport integrations

This page contains a condensed list of active integrations that have produced guides detailing how to leverage Passport within each ecosystem.

To find a complete list of ecosystem partners, please visit the following page:


Guild.xyz (opens in a new tab) is a the infrastructure for platformless access management. Create portable memberships, social structures around on- & off-chain requirements and build unique user journeys across apps.

It's a great tool to gate access to Discord roles, Telegram channels, and more.

You can use a certain Passport score threshold as a requirement to gain access to your community tools.


Galxe provides tools to help build Web3 communities. Their tools enable you to build streamlined user onboarding and retention campaigns, and can also gate access to Discord.

While a Passport-specific guide hasn't been set up yet, you can learn more about customizing campaigns with Passport at the following link:


Snapshot is a voting platform that allows DAOs, DeFi protocols, or NFT communities to vote easily and without gas fees.

Snapshot enables you to use Passport in two different ways: Gate access to submitting proposals, and gate access to voting.

Learn more at the following link:


Discourse is an open source Internet forum system that is used as a governance tool for many web3 organizations.

You've got a few different opportunities to use Passport to assign roles and gate access!

There are actually two different plugins that you can use with Discourse! We are more impressed with the level of documentation provided by Dappy.lol though.


Collab.Land is a community management tool that supports a wide range of projects, including DAOs, NFT communities, brands, and creators of all sizes.

As with any community management tool, roles are critical for providing different levels of access. The Collab.Land integration allows you to gate access to roles to just those users who can prove their humanity on Passport!

Learn more here:

Missing something?

While we do list our full list of integration partners on our ecosystem page (opens in a new tab), we want to continue to build out this page with links to partners who have instructions on how to use Passport within their ecosystem.

If we missed a partner, please feel free to submit an issue or open up a pull request by clicking the "Edit this page" button in the right sidebar!