Building with Passport
Passport API
Status and error codes

Status and error codes

HTTP Status codes

200OKThe request was successful.
400Bad requestBad request
401UnauthorizedYour API key is invalid.
404Not foundThe resource does not exist.
429Too Many RequestsThe rate limit was exceeded.
500Internal Server ErrorAn error occurred with our API.

Error types

All errors are returned in the form of JSON with a detail explaining the error

Example error response.

    "detail": "string"
Error DetailDescription
Invalid nonceThe nonce used in the submit Passport API request could not be verified
Address does not match signatureThe signer could not be verified
Invalid limitThe page limit of the Passport API request is greater than 1000
Unable to get score for provided Scorer IDUnable to validate that the Scorer ID belongs to the account holding the API key
UnauthorizedX-API-Key was not specified in the header or an invalid API key was provided
Internal Server ErrorSomething went wrong on our end

More detailed information about the API endpoints and error and status codes can be found in the API reference