Building with Passport
Passport API
Quick start

Quick Start

This page will get you up and running with the Passport API. You will come away with the following:

  • How to prepare a Passport for scoring on the Gitcoin server
  • How to retrieve Passport scores

Please make sure to follow the instructions on our Getting access page before working through this guide.

You can also experiment with the Passport API using our API playground tool (opens in a new tab) and adding your API keys via the 'Authorize' button.

API basics

The base URL for the API methods we'll be using is There are several API endpoints that can be accessed by extending this base URL.

You can browse the API details in the API reference. The methods that return data about a specific Passport are all invoked using HTTP GET (opens in a new tab). The method to submit a Passport uses HTTP POST (opens in a new tab).

You will also need to include some header information. Both GET and POST requests require your API key. POST requests also require the payload type to be defined. It is always application/json.

How to retrieve a score

There are two basic steps to retrieving a Passport score. First, you submit a Passport to your Scorer instance on the Gitcoin server. This triggers the Scorer instance to calculate a score for a specified address.

Once this is done, you can retrieve the score for that address in a separate request.

Note that submitting the Passport is only required for scoring using the Gitcoin server. It is not required for retrieving Stamp data.

Submitting a Passport

The following endpoint is used to submit a Passport.

This endpoint receives HTTP POST requests with the address to be scored and the scorer_id in the payload. An example POST request that submits address 0x2C1E111d7C3adc823B5fA3af3f07EB62831C3c5 to Scorer 100 looks as follows:

Sample request
curl -X POST '' \
--data '{"address":"0x2C1E111d7C3adc823B5fA3af3f07EB62831C3c5","scorer_id":"100"}' \ 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 
-H 'X-API-KEY: {your-api-key}'

The response from this endpoint should look as follows:

Sample response
  "address": "0x2C1E111d7C3adc823B5fA3af3f07EB62831C3c5",
  "score": null,
  "status": "PROCESSING",
  "last_score_timestamp": null,
  "evidence": null,
  "error": null

This response indicates that the address was successfully submitted and that its score is being calculated on the server.

Retrieving the score

This endpoint simply returns the Passport score for the address provided in the request. The address must already have been submitted to the server.${SCORER_ID}/${address}

This endpoint receives HTTP GET requests with the address and the scorer_id appended to the URL. An example GET request that queries address 0x2C1E111d7C3adc823B5fA3af3f07EB62831C3c5 at Scorer 100 looks as follows:

Sample request
curl --request GET '' \ 
--header 'X-API-KEY: {your-api-key}'

The response from this endpoint should look as follows:

Sample response
  "address": "0x2C1E111d7C3adc823B5fA3af3f07EB62831C3c5",
  "score": "26.573997110",
  "status": "DONE",
  "last_score_timestamp": "2023-06-21T09:24:16.827006+00:00",
  "evidence": null,
  "error": null

The score is provided in the score field in the returned object.

Typically, the score is compared to a threshold that determines whether a user is given access to some resource.

API users may find the scores returned by the API sometimes differs from the score displayed in the app. If this happens, simply refresh the Passport score by making a POST request to submit-passport.

Next Steps

Now you have seen how to retrieve a Passport score from the Gitcoin server, you can start building this into your apps.

Check out our tutorials or API reference pages to learn how to build with Passport.

You can also ask questions in our developer support channel on Discord (opens in a new tab).