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Onchain expirations

Onchain expirations

Passport Stamps do not stay valid forever. There is an expiration date after which a Stamp must be reverified in order to keep it valid. This is true for onchain and offchain Stamps.

Passport attestations

For Passport attestations, there is a key in the schema called Expiration Dates. The value associated with this key is an array of hex-encoded dates, each corresponding to a specific Stamp. There is also an equivalent key, IssuanceDate whose values encode the date when a particular Stamp was verified.

New attestations can be issued with updated IssuanceDate and expirationDate values through the Passport app.

Here's an example of a Passport attestation (opens in a new tab)

Score attestations

Onchain scores do not have an explicit expiry date associated with them. If you are an integrator, you could use the attestation transaction time as a proxy for the issuance date if the age of the score is important for your application. As a rule of thumb, we recommend expiring scores 90 days after it was created. Offchain Stamps also expire after 90 days.

Here's an example of a score attestation (opens in a new tab).